Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two new and fun kits & Freebies :)

This week I have two new kits to show you.
The first one is a collab with HGD by Laurie Ann, she is so enjoyable, working with her was actually relaxing! :)
The second one is exactly what the name says - a fun and optimistic egg hunt kit.

And some inspiration for "Puddles": (keep scrolling down, I also want to show you my other kit :) )
by DitaB
by Helen
by Chelisa
by Caramellche
by honeyb

...And this is "Egg Hunt" - I love how fun and optimistic this kit turned out!

Some inspiration...
by Leandi
by DitaB
by honeyb
by Chelisa
I also have two little freebies today, one on my FB page and it is a timeline cover made with "Puddles" ...

And the second freebie is a set of 4 tags (I love printing and using those on some Easter gifts I am going to give :) )


I hope you will have a wonderful day! :)